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Working principle of ro pure water machine


RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier is a device that uses reverse osmosis technology to produce high-purity water. Here's how it works:

Incoming water treatment: The incoming water passes through the pretreatment unit and removes impurities such as large particles, suspended solids, and color through filters and other equipment. This protects the reverse osmosis membrane from contamination and damage.

High-pressure pump: The treated water enters the high-pressure pump, and pressure is applied through the high-pressure pump to push the water into the reverse osmosis membrane.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Water enters a reverse osmosis membrane unit, which contains one or more semipermeable membranes. The reverse osmosis membrane is composed of one or more layers of special semi-permeable membranes with a tiny pore structure. The size of these pores can only allow water molecules to pass through, but most dissolved substances, ions, bacteria and viruses cannot pass through.

Separation process: When the incoming water passes through the reverse osmosis membrane, according to the principle of osmotic pressure difference, water molecules are forced to pass through the semi-permeable membrane and enter the low concentration side (pure water side), while ions, dissolved substances and pollutants are blocked at high concentrations. Concentration side (concentrate water side). In this way, pure water will flow out through the reverse osmosis membrane, while wastewater and concentrated solutes will be discharged from the system.

Pure water collection: The pure water that passes through the reverse osmosis membrane is collected and stored in an appropriate water storage tank or container for subsequent use.

Wastewater discharge: Wastewater and concentrated solutes are discharged from the system to ensure stable operation of the reverse osmosis membrane and prevent solute accumulation.

The RO pure water machine effectively removes dissolved substances, ions, bacteria, viruses and organic matter in the water through the separation process of the reverse osmosis membrane to produce high-purity water. This technology is widely used in pharmaceutical, electronics, laboratory and drinking water fields to meet the demand for pure water quality.

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